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Our Services

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Certified Translation

Accurate translation services conducted by certified professionals to ensure precision and authenticity.

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Content Writing

Creation of original and engaging written content tailored to your specific needs.

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Customizing content to suit the unique language, cultural norms, and preferences of a particular region or target audience.

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Video Subtitling and Voice-Over

Enhancing video content by adding subtitles or providing professional voice-over services in various languages.

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Facilitating effective communication between individuals who speak different languages through real-time interpretation.

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Thorough review of translated materials to ensure proper grammar, spelling, and stylistic consistency.

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Translation Consultancy

Expert guidance to ensure accurate, culturally sensitive, and cost-effective translations. We work closely with you to determine the best approach, saving you time and resources while achieving high-quality results.

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Conversion of audio or video content into written text for various purposes, including documentation and accessibility.


Our process

At Amal translate, transparency and efficiency are at the core of our translation process. We take great pride in our methodical approach, which ensures the delivery of accurate and culturally relevant translations for your projects.
Here's a glimpse into our well-structured process:

1. Assessment

We begin by thoroughly assessing your project's unique requirements, including language pairs, subject matter, target audience, and deadlines. This initial step is crucial for understanding your needs.

2. Team Assignment

Our skilled linguists and translators, with expertise in your specific field, are carefully selected to work on your project. We match your content with professionals who have the right cultural and industry knowledge.

3. Translation

Our language experts carry out the translation, focusing on linguistic accuracy, context, and cultural nuances. We maintain open communication with you throughout this phase to clarify any queries.

4. Proofreading

To guarantee the highest quality, a second expert reviews the translated content. This meticulous proofreading process ensures consistency, style, and accuracy.

5. Quality Assurance

Your translations are subjected to rigorous quality assurance checks, including terminological consistency and compliance with industry standards. We ensure that the final product is ready for your use.

6. Client Review

We value your input. We encourage you to review the translations and provide feedback, ensuring that your expectations are met. Your satisfaction is our priority.

7. Delivery

Upon final approval, we deliver your translated content in the format you require, meeting your project deadlines.

8. Support

Our systematic and client-centric process guarantees that your translations are not only accurate but also align seamlessly with your goals. Trust us to handle your language needs with precision and care.